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Today Angie and I went to the PINC Tradeshow (Printing Industries of Northern California) which was held in San Francisco at the Hilton Hotel. This was our little piece of fun while Kathy and Rita where both on vacation in New York. Between the two of us we took classes in Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop (both CS4), and Designing Backwards for Printing. We both agreed that we learned a good deal from the classes. Lots of tips and tricks, some new some old, but beneficial nonetheless. I even ran into my friend and old classmate from CSUMB, Joan.

Angie at Luncheon Lunch

During lunch break we found out that our boss had paid for us to get the luncheon provided at the hotel. AWESOME! A salad, chicken & veggies, even a fruit tart for dessert. They even had continental breakfast – muffins, breads, juices and coffee – in the morning before classes.

Dessert Bar!Flan in Waffle Cone

This is the dessert bar that was at the tradeshow during the evening. Not shown are the appetizers – sliders, grilled cheese, portabello sliders, pita bread and spreads, … pretty much DINNER! Wholey moley, and this custard waffle cone cup thing was sooooo delish! Angie and I stole the mini spoons cuz they were so cute.

GOOD DEAL! You know us and food, so we are ALL OVER IT! Next year when it comes to the PINC Tradeshow the whole team needs to go. Two thumbs up (with some mini spoons).

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everything looks so yummy…and you get to learn something too!  |  May 06, 2009 at 3:08 am

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