Hello, World! 2020 is here.

Old Red House

OK, so I laugh when I read that I was behind on my blog for “6 months” when I last posted,… um… 3 YEARS AGO. Hahahahah!

So definitely the world has changed in 3 years. Couple big things, we sold our “red” house and moved to a new house, and well, the coronavirus pandemic hit in March.

OH and I spent a chunk of change trying to un-bug my website which had spammy links in it and other weird-ness going on. Happens when you ignore a website for so long. Yes, I code and design website for a living, but can’t manage to make my own. 🙂 Similar saga on my teeth… but that’s another story, for another blog which i won’t have time to write.

Anyway, I might be hopping on here to write stuff, but it seems like Facebook and Instagram are the ways to do this nowadays. Blogs are so 2000’s. Amirite?

If you are reading this then, WELCOME because I just password protected this thing. I don’t want just *anyone* reading this, only family and friends!


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