Lucky Fruit Snacks

Orange Fruit Snacks

I always buy a really big container of Brach’s Tree Top Fruit Snacks from Costco. There are a bunch of different flavors/shapes in each pouch – Strawberry, Cherry, Grape, Apple, and Mixed Berry. I was just telling Jeff a few days ago that my favorite flavor was the Orange because it tasted so real, and I liked the round shape. I also compained that there are sometimes NO orange flavors in a pouch. Well today at work, I opened up my fruit snacks and sitting in there were 5 ORANGE FRUIT SNACKS. I was like HOLY COW! So I emailed Jeff at work to let him know how lucky my day was. I proceeded to eat them, while working away at my computer. He emails me back and tells me I should take a photo for 365. DUH! But by then I had already eaten 3 of them and all the rest of the over flavors. So here’s whats left of my lucky fruit snack pouch.

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