Father’s Day and Diane’s Birthday – Same Day!


My birthday often falls on Father’s day – but i guess it hasn’t happened since we had kids, so it was a joint celebration. My mom and sister came up to visit, so i was looking forward to spending time with them. I took Friday off of work and went to Gilroy Gardens with them and the kids. It was a little busier than our last trip but certainly manageable.  

Gilroy Gardens / Joypers / Birthday Weekend

Gilroy Gardens / Joypers / Birthday WeekendGilroy Gardens

I also got a sub for my Saturday class so we could spend more time together (my sister left on Sunday, so short trip for her). Ends up my sub double booked and so my class got cancelled! Haha! Oh well — we ended up going to The Farm to check out sing-along time and free hayrides. Plus my mom likes visiting the store with the produce and gifts. We got some veggies and fruits and a cute book that has animal sounds. Vincent loved the hayride and cow train. He was freaked out about the sing-along though — but Melanie seemed to enjoy it. The animals are always fun to look at.

Gilroy Gardens / Joypers / Birthday Weekend

Later on Saturday i ditched the kids with Jeff and went to Del Monte Mall with my sister and mom. We had lunch at CPK and my sister bought some workout clothes from my favorite store Lucy’s. I also bought some new sandals, and some clothes for the kids at Gymboree. Picked up cupcakes from Kara’s. Fathers Day we had dinner at the in-laws. Tried to get a family portrait and was… semi successful (see first pic) I bought the kids and Jeff a new Star Wars themed shirt!






Summer 2015 / Grandma Jerrie Visit

I also got my haircut! (that is a once a year occurence)

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