VIDEO: Melanie Walking

Melanie is 15 1/2 months old. She just started walking! Jeff and I had a suspicion that she knew how to walk, she was just holding out on us! She’s been crawling for a while now, and also pushing her self up to standing pretty good. And well, this weekend, she decided it was time to get up and WALK. And she walked all around the house from the living room, through to the sunroom, and into the bedroom where Daddy was just getting up from bed. That’s quit an obstacle to navigate through for your first time on two legs!

Luckily i caught it all on video!

I remember our pediatrician being concerned about her “slow development” as far as rolling over, crawling, etc. But we were not worried about it all. She’s turned out to be fine! Silly doctors.

I just think it’s so funny to compare the two kids’ temperament/personalities and their walking development. Vincent was “balls to the wall” as far as going from crawling to cruising/walking phase. He had bruises, bumps, and cuts all over his face and body every day from trying to learn to walk. Whereas here is Melanie, calm as can be, always slowly and carefully pushing herself up to her feet. Only taking steps when she knows she is ready. I swear, she was a profesional walker after this video. You would have never known she just started walking a few days before!

Though i will note, i find i quite hilarious that she went to grab a stylus pen so she could walk all around the house with it. I guess there still is a little element of danger in her personality, just like her brother.

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