Vincent is 3 years old!

Vincent is 3 years old! He is talking a lot more now. His favorite word at the moment are “oh-KAY.” when you ask him something. He says it in the funniest tone. Before the OKAY phase, he said “SURE!”  (for like two days). We didnt realize how much we say “sure” until after he started saying it. He still can’t say “Yes” correctly – he says “Yett!” But he can repeat a lot of things now — even long sentences. I asked him today — “Do you like presents?” and he said “Yes, i like presents!” 🙂 One morning, he found a balloon he had left on the floor (not blown up) and he picked it up and said “Balloon! I forgot about you!!” Sometimes i crack up at the things he says.

His favorite songs of the moment are “Everything is Awesome” from the Lego Movie, and “Bob the Builder” theme song. He also really enjoys this Korean kid’s series called “Robocar Poli” he can watch on YouTube. He enjoys Ninjago, Chuck and Friends on Netflix, and we watch Monsters and The Gruffalo/ The Gruffalo’s Child a lot on the iPad. We should set limits on iPad time, but so far we haven’t. Parenting at its best.

Since Pop-pop and Oma live down the street, he has been seeing them a few times a week — on Wednesday and Friday Pop-pop picks the kids up from daycare, and Saturday morning he usually spends at their house, hanging out, helping with chores, and playing at the park.

Vincent is finally being POTTY TRAINED! We started a few weeks ago when Jeff was at home watching the kids. He is doing very well — hardly any accidents and just working on #2, which is a little bit harder for him. He will get it very soon though! He stands up on a stool to go pee pee, and he calls it “making bubbles” — “I ah make ah bubbles!”

At daycare, he is now sleeping on a mat, instead of a pack’n play. He will start “preschool” at his daycare twice a week starting in September! Learning about the days of the week, weather, the alphabet, holidays, etc.

Vincent’s finally wearing 3t clothes. I’m slowly building up a closet of 3t’s and phasing out the 2ts, though some of his 2t shirts he really loves so it’s been hard. We also just bought him new shoes because he WORE THE TOES off his old shoes. Literally holes on each side of his shoe in the toe area. Shoulda took a picture. We bought him new Puma’s (the light up to a skelton!) and the next day, they were already torn up! So we bought another pair that is Keen brand with re-enforeced toes — like hiking boots. That should do the trick!

Both of them cracking up in anticipation of the tickle monster!!!!

Vincent weighs about 30 lbs and is a little over 3 feet tall. He has his next yearly check up later in August when we take Mel for her 6 month check up. He is super cute with his sister. He was eating breakfast during Daddy daycare and i always have Melanie in the high chair next to him, but Dad didn’t know that, so he asked “Men-na-nee?” and patted the table, so that she would sit next to him.

We’ve noticed that Vincent is very particular about putting things in a certain spot, or lining things up, or things being done in a certain order. He will line cars up all in a row when he is playing. If we do some kind of “routine” in regards to getting ready, prepping food, or something similar, he will freak out if you don’t do the same thing, or if it’s done with something “different”. For instance, i told my father-in-law that Vincent liked breakfast sausage. But I forgot to tell him, that he usually eats this with waffles and syrup. So apparently, Vincent must eat sausages with syrup! I guess that’s right, but i never thought of it.

He is also super observant. We have been potty training him, and using the small potty for poop. Well, after he goes we put it in the big toilet, flush it, rinse the potty, and put it back. Well he surprised me one day when he did all of that by himself! Stood up, took the potty, lifted the toilet lit, dumped it, moved the stool over so he could reach the sink, turned the sink on, rinsed the potty, and put it back. Good job Vinny! I didnt even say anything to him!

He also loved to give us things that he finds if he knows its ours. Like Daddy’s cup. He wanted to give it to him, even though Dad was sleeping.

Bedtime has been quite the struggle some days. We do the normal bath, PJs, bedtime stories, songs, then tuck in for bed. But some nights he keeps knocking the door, bringing his blankets to get tucked in. The other night he didnt go to bed until 10pm. Crying, yelling, doors opening closing, going the bathroom multiple times, needing “cold water” to drink… you know, stalling! Hopefully its just a phase… Then after he finally sleeps, he will wake up in the middle of the night yelling, crying… AND now he’s actually been brave enough to OPEN the door, so he will knock, we wont answer, he’ll open the door, and either wait by his door till we yell at him or, come out. I guess we might just need to put a hook / latch on the outside to keep him in!

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