Melanie is 6 months old!

I had a fun time with the photoshoot for this month — these beautiful shots were taken at Pop-pop and Oma’s backyard. Too bad she had giant scratch on her face!

Here is Oma’s lovely chair! She had a hard time sitting up in it though. She still needs support but we are practicing really hard!

Melanie can official roll from tummy to back, and from back to tummy! She seems to like to do this most when she is falling asleep — which isn’t the best idea, since she still prefers to sleep on her back.

This month, she’s been waking Mama up for a feeding 2x a night! We put her down at 8pm, she’s up by 10:30pm, then again around 1:30a, and AGAIN around 4:30a. I am so groggy that i dont hardly remember the next morning, and sometimes i even wake up with her in my arms, in bed, and wonder, how long she has been there with me!

Other exciting news is that she is eating solid foods. We started with regular ol’ rice cereal and breastmilk. She seemed to like it, eating like a pro. Cute video alert! Vinny melted me heart. At the end he repeats what dad says “Good job, Melanie!”

So far we have fed her apples, pears, bananas, peas, sweet potatoes, peaches, and oatmeal cereal. She pretty much likes it all! I don’t think she likes sweet potatoes that much though … she still eats it. I’ve been really lazy mom and pretty much only buying pre-pureed stuff from the store. With Vinny we always made everything!  I guess i had more time back then…. Hopefully one weekend ill puree and freeze a bunch of stuff.

She really loves toys! Glad we have a bunch to give her. I try to put her on tummy time a lot, and she will try to go for objects. She can’t crawl or anything, but she will shimmy in a 360 degree circle.

She likes using her hands. Its cute to watch. She was playing with the newspaper here. She also loves it when you wave the blanket in front of her face when she is lying down. So much, that she will cry if you stop!

Sometimes she gets really talkative and wants to make music with her mouth. I caught this funny video during bedtime routine one night. She was so loud!

I bought Melanie a bunch of 9 month clothes since the 6 month ones seem to be a little snug on her now. I also forgot about the Vincent clothes bins hanging out in the garage — i was able to get a bunch of PJs and quite a few long sleeve T-shirts which im sure we will put to use ! Super exciting – its like christmas!

We fit Melanie into the umbrella stroller and took her on a short walk to the pool. (She didn’t swim, just watched). She loved the stroller! She seemed to be happy to be able to see the world.

Pretty soon we will be moving her to Vincent’s current Britax Marathon convertible carseat, and getting Vincent into a bigger one that converts to a booster later.

Melanie just laughs at her older brother whenever she sees him. She already adores him so much! And Vincent isa great older brother. If i ask him to “give melanie” her pacifier, or a toy, or a blanket, he will do it with no fuss.

She can put the weight of her body on her legs and “stand up” if we hold her arms. She can balance pretty good, and for a long while too.

Melanie does pretty good at bedtime. We give her a bath every few days, and if its not a bath night, we wipe her down, then i nurse her, give her her paci, then lay her in her crib. I will put on the mobile most days. Sometimes she will not fall asleep on her own and ill need to put on a lullaby youtube video, but mostly, she can fall asleep on her own. She sleeps in her crib until 11p, then i take her into or room with the pack n play for the rest of the night.

We bought a bath seat for her so that we could give the kids a bath at the same time. So much more convenient to able to fill the bath once, and be done. She loved it! Vinny also likes having his sister there too (for now anyway!)



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So fun seeing pictures of the kids.
So I had to ask…do you remember the time you and Jeff came to visit not too long after we had Daniel and I had Daniel strapped to my front cooking while Maddie was running around crazy? You seemed terrified at the idea of having kids because I probably looked disheveled and a wreck haha now that you have two what do you think!?

christina  |  Sep 22, 2014 at 9:09 pm

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