Vincent’s 3rd Birthday Party – Firetruck Theme!

We celebrated Vincent’s 3rd birthday on his actual birthday – July 26th! It was a wonderful sunny summer day. I was running around like a chicken without a head on the night before and the day of the party. It went very smoothly and i think everyone (Vincent, the kids, and the parents) had a great time. Everyone came up to me and said it was a fun party, so i’m very pleased.

Cute pic from Pop-pop of the birthday boy in front of the dessert table :). Had such a fun weekend celebrating with friends and family. Vincent not a baby anymore!!

I had Pop-pop and Oma take care of Vincent early in the morning so we could finish up getting things ready. When he came over for the party he went straight for the dessert table and tried to eat a Twizzler! I said “hey – you can’t eat that!” and then he spit it out! LOL, But i think he spit it out because it didnt taste good to him. He was super excited about the balloons and decorations. According to Jeff, all he wanted to do at the party was stand up on the chairs to reach the balloons to “pop” them.

The guests arrived promptly to the party. I made all the kids a name tag “badge” to wear, as well as a fireman hat.Most everyone went outside to play with bubbles, the tricycle, and the tent. after they arrived.

Out in the yard, we also had made a cool “brick building” to “put the fire out” with a bean bag toss game. Though, didn’t turn out too functional because the kids had a hard time retrieving the bags after tossing, and then the cardboard was falling apart. It looked cute though!

We also had a fire hydrant as the “marker” in front of our house for the party, along with this sign.

Inside the house, we did the yellow, orange and red streamers and balloons, and i bought a custom made birthday pennant and some table-top decorations on Etsy. It was lot more than i wanted to spend on it, but at the same time, my other option was to spend hours using my Silhouette to do the same thing (which was totally NOT happening) so i succumbed to spending my birthday gift cards on it. I guess it was worth it.

The birthday banner caused some issues (kept breaking), but Jeff fixed it with Kra-gle! He was also a good help with the party – painting our decorations/games, going grocery shopping and prepping food since he had two weeks off from work, prior to the party.

For the food menu, i decided to do make-your-own sandwiches again, because it is just really easy and convenient. This time, i tried to be sure to have kid-friendly food as well like PB&J, chicken nuggets, and lots of fruit. Even still, Vincent didn’t really eat any lunch, i dont think.  BUT HE DID HAVE CAKE!

I found a video tutorial from Betty Crocker on how to make a firetruck cake. It looked easy, so Jeff and i went for it. It was super fun to make!! The only part we kind of messed up on was the food coloring — we tried to make too much frosting, so we used ALL our food dye and only came out with a very light red color. Vincent really got a kick out of it!

We sang happy birthday and he had the biggest smile on his face. Since it was windy, we couldn’t light the candles, but he pretend “blew” them out anyway. Good enough!

Safe to say, he likes cake. He had such a big piece but he finished it all! And also got red frosting all over himself…

We played on game at the party called Rescue the Animals. Sort of like a relay race — we had the kids line up and go one at a time to “rescue” a stuffed animal from the fire. They had to “jump” over some streamer obstacle first!Jeff demo’ed the game first, and Vinny followed along!

Vincent wanted his boogie monster!

Jace grabbed two instead of one! LOL!

It was fun, but most all the boys at they party were running out of turn, while all the girls stood in line patiently waiting their turn like they were told to!

Birthday presents were awesome this year! Vincent got a lot of boy toys! Cars, firetrucks, planes, a cool Rescue City streetscape (kind of like a boy’s dollhouse, is what i think of it), a foam rocket, and lots of board games/puzzles. He’s such a lucky dude!!

We were supposed to play a “pin the ladder on the firetruck” game but we totally forgot about it! I had everything ready too!

Party favors included a firefighter figurine, a firetruck coloring book, and a reflective safety bracelet all in a red bucket (with yellow shovel.)

I also found the cutest sippy cups in the shape of a firehydrant!

I am so glad all of his daycare buddies and some of my work friends could come to the party!!

Melanie had a great time too, she LOVES watching other kids, and she even had her own friend, Baby Jace (my coworker’s baby who is a week older than her).

Every year Vincent is getting more mature and able to really enjoy himself and know that this day is all about him! We can’t imagine our lives without this little dude! He makes us laugh and keeps us young at heart.

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