Summer 2014 Update

We’ve been enjoying the summer weather and playing with water whenever we can!

We got to visit with my friend Torie and her baby Victor, as well as Evan and Patti. Evan and Vinny had such a great time together while they were here.

They played hide and seek, and were running around the house being pretty silly.

Melanie enjoys Vincent’s company so much. She squeals with laughter at the funny things he does.

Vincent keeps talking more and more. It’s still hard to understand sometimes but he is trying. Since a lot of times after he says something we repeat it back to him to clarify we get caught with accidentally offering something such as a juice box or what have you. It’s funny yet puts you in a spot!!! In the video above you’ll kinda see what I mean when I repeat what he says and then he says “okay”.

We have been to so many birthday parties this summer! Starting with Vincent then Declan, Alyse, Emily and Kai! Just today I heard Vincent trying to sing happy birthday. He loves birthday parties!!! (Which means cake!!!)

Grandpa Don an Grandma Jerrie came to watch the kids for a week.

They went to the aquarium one day.

Jeff and “the guys” went to a Giants game! (Part of our Father’s Day gift)

Vinny playing catch with his Pop-pop!

We went to the park and did a picnic for the first time! (We usually just do picnics in our backyard) Vinny likes his PB&J and to say “cheese” for the camera (sometimes).

Hanging out on the bean bag chair!

Played with Dinosaurs one weekend. Expensive, but fun.

Tummy time for the both of them! Vinny likes copying Melanie. Shouldn’t it be the opposite way around?

Say cheese! Hanging out one morning with all the kids. Not sure were Jeff went… probably got up to get away from Vinny jumping on him! Hop on pop!

Vinny has been getting quality time with Pop-pop! He has taken him out to the beach, and out on a bicycle ride at Toro Park this summer.

Oh look, a free dino ride! LOL. Albeit, not as authentic.

Vincent having fun with Daddy and "Purple Pat" (Uncle Pat) at Pop-pop and Oma's house tonight.

Uncle Pat visited! Vincent also loves running and jumping off Pop-pop and Oma’s deck. Look at all the birds!

Enjoying pizza! A Saturday lunch staple. Thumbs up!

Took Vinny to get a hair cut. Soon as we step into the barber shop, he asks “a P-pop after???” (I.e, he gets a lollipop afterwards) “Yes Vinny, i say relunctantly. The stylist always have dum dums, but i was hoping to offer him my own stickers as reward instead. Changed my mind as soon as he reminded me that he better get a lollipop!

Darn, he really has good memory. I have to tell a story of this one time, after the gym, i picked him up from the gym daycare and walked next door to La Plaza Bakery where they also sell mexican food. We sat and ate fruit and lunch, and then i picked up some pastries to go. Well now, ever since that time, he always asks (by pointing and crying of course) to go to the bakery. The first time he “asked” to go, i took him, because i wanted to make sure that was what he was fussing about. I bought him a cupcake with a basketball on it because he saw it and had to have it. BAD IDEA. Now 99% of the time we go to the gym (every Saturday) he will fuss and want to go to the bakery after for a “b-ball”!!!

We said goodbye to our neighbors! So sad. They were really nice to us!

I wanted to post some photos of what our house looks like on a daily basis. Mind you, this is only 3 days after we had our house cleaned by the cleaners! Its in constant disarray.

The living room: toys, mail, tv remotes, bibs… a cat.

The dining room: daycare bags, food, cleaning supplies, jackets — hey actually its not that messy as it normally is!

The kitchen: okay, this one is messier than normal. I just finished cooking dinner and was in a rush to feed, eat, and put the kids to bed since we were behind schedule. But its so hard to keep up with the dishes, it’s always a full dirty sink!

The sunroom (aka, toy room): Not much you can do here. Activity mats probably can go now that Melanie doesn’t lie on her back all day.

I also should have taken a photo of Vincent’s room, the Nursery, and our room. Maybe next time, i’ll let you peek into that mess.

In non kid news – my Grandma passed away this summer. She always used to watch us when we were sick, and we spent every Saturday with her when we were kids. She as the best cook too! Gonna miss her so much!


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