Melanie is 5 months

My blogging schedule is all messed up because i keep lagging on posts! I meant to post her 4 month update, but it was so quickly after her 3 month, that i waited, and then what do you know, she turned 5 months! Ooops…. oh well.

For this month — she weighs 16 lbs, is still working on sitting up by herself, and can’t yet rollover… but she loves her exersaucer that we pulled out. She hits the toys and moves her legs. Just have to pad it up with a bunch of blankets so she fits snuggly.

She likes grasping for her toys.  She really concentrates whenever she is playing with something, its pretty cute to watch.

She can suddenly yell out a screech when she gets excited, which could be about anything. She also went through a phase of making raspberries with her mouth. She did this a month or so ago too, but she seems to phase in and out of doing it.

Melanie found her thumb.

She never stops smiling! Still loves her pacifier. I caught her sucking her thumb a few times.

She takes pretty good long afternoon naps — from about 2-5. Drinks about 10-15 oz at daycare. Nightime sleeping is from about 8p-7a, but she still gets up before i go to bed at around 11:30p, then again around 3p, but sometimes later. So she’s still in the pack n play for overnight. But she does sleep her first stretch in her crib. She sometimes puts her self to sleep, but other times we put her in the swing or i still hold her sometimes (guilty! hey, they’re only this little for so long!)

She has had a pimple on the side of her nose for several months now. I meant to ask the doctor at her 4 month check up if it was okay, but i forgot, and she didnt mention anything. Its pretty big and a little red, so i hope its not permanent.

Melanie thinks her big brother is a hoot. Sometimes she will just laugh and laugh at whatever he does.

I havent fed her any real food yet, but i plan to probably sometime this month. I bought new spoons (since Vinny’s ones are all wrecked) and some girly bibs! Oh speaking of bibs, she drools lots! But nothing i ain’t used to… Vinny drooled for 2 years so i hope Melanie’s not a repeat of that!

I almost forgot – one big milestone this month was that she found her feet!

I love putting her in headbands when i take pictures! And i love that i can buy her clothes that have cats on them!

Hope you like the new blog layout, i spend a whole day Sunday trying to fix my photos, update the layout, fonts, and make it look half-decent on a iPhone. Lemme know what you think.

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