Happy Independence Day!

Today the whole family really got into the spirit of things and dresses up in red, white, and blue!

We started the day with chocolate chip pancakes topped with strawberries and blueberries. Vinny saw me taking pictures and wanted to take his own with my phone. His plate ended up looking nicer than mine!

Miss Melanie joins us for almost every meal, but she is not eating “real” food yet.

We put up the American flag in front of our house.

While i was trying to snap a pic of the two boys, Vincent noticed something:

A leaf was stuck in the ground! He had to go get it.

Then he noticed all kinds of leaves all over the yard.

Simple pleasures!

We heard the town of Spreckels has a parade on the 4th so we headed out at around 10 since we thought it started in the morning but it didn’t start till 12!

Vinny still had the leaf in his hand when we left in the car. (he is saying hi because i told him to say hi to the camera)

When we got to Spreckels, Vincent played at the little park with Dad. There was this boy that took a liking to Vincent and wanted to carry him everywhere even if Vincent has been walking for about 2 years now. LOL – it was funny and cute to watch them interact.

Meanwhile, Melanie took a nap and I strolled around looking at the vendor booths.

Then we went over to the band area to listen to the Monterey Pops band playing some festive music. The boys ate lunch (hot dog and burger) and we hung out on the grass and near the steps as we waited for the parade.

Can’t get this boy to smile for photos!

Melanie was chillaxin and smiling for the camera though!

Vincent was having fun with this lightpole – kept him entertained for a while.

Maybe if i try a shot with the pole…. nope didnt work.

Oh well, back to Melanie!

and… Vincent’s still standing on the pole….

One more try at a cute photo together since i caught Vincent sitting on lap for 2 seconds. Turn the camera back on, and by that time he’s climbing over me.

As soon as the parade started Vincent was acting too crazy (dive bombing into the grass, etc) so we decided to leave. After all that! But we still had a lot of fun.

It was so windy on our walk back! Could see the fog in Monterey. Glad we chose the Spreckels parade instead of the Monterey one!

We saw a firetruck, so i had to get a pic! Maybe i can use it for his Firetruck birthday party coming up.

When we got home, we put the kids to nap. I did some chores and started to do more planning for Vincent’s birthday party.

We went over to my inlaws for dinner. Inaugural BBQ with dogs and burgers, potato salad, fruit salad, beans and pickles!

Pop pop bought a wooden airplane for Vincent to play with.

We met their backyard neighbors who have 6 kids (and a nice play structure!)

We took some more family pics in the backyard.

Melanie is always so smiley!! Just look at her.

Dessert was cake dresses up as a flag. Yummy cool whip frosting.

Vincent and Dad walked over to the free illegal fireworks show a couple blocks away from our house. Vincent was lucky to stay up way past his bedtime. He kept calling the fireworks “firetrucks” and was saying “wow” a few times (as reported by Dad).  Glad he got to see them.

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