My 31st Birthday Weekend

My sister came up to visit me for my birthday! She came up last year too! She was here Fri-Sun. This year I don’t have and vacation days to spend with her so it was quite a short visit.

She brought with her a suitcase full of snacks, saimin and some toys and clothes for the kids!

Jeff calls my arare “stinky snacks” — so it’s funny to hear Vincent ask for it using that name instead!

On Friday she went shopping at her favorite store — Anthropologie. She bought me a few shirts for my birthday and she also bought outfits from Janie and Jack for both Melanie and Vincent.

She bought me a big birthday cake from Layers (the bakery that did the cake for our wedding) along with some cupcakes! We didn’t enjoy that until Sunday. It was a similar cake too, called¬† “princess” cake – raspberry with bavarian cream. This one had marzipan instead of white chocolate for the outside.¬† It was very yummy and full of amazing calories.

On my actual birthday, Jeff wanted to take me to the Apple Store to buy a new iPhone 5, but we found out that i could get $100 if i trade-in my iPhone 4, but i wanted to backup all my stuff first before i did that. So we left the Apple Store empty handed. But i did buy a few workout clothes from my favorite store Lucy, and a few casual “work” clothes from LOFT.

We had lunch at Islands. Vincent behaved nicely (hit or miss!) and Melanie just sat in her carseat and cruised. Susan left from the mall to attend a drum-corp event up in Santa Clara.

We were invited by my in-laws to have dinner and cake at their house. Yummy pork loin, broccoli, potatoes, and buttered bread.

I got a bread box as a present! Yeee! No more crumbs all over the place!

Marbled cake for dessert. Vinny was in heaven. He helped blow out the candles on both this cake and my Layers cake!

I think he thought it was his birthday.

My BFF Taylor, talented crafty woman she is, sent me the cutest gift! See the photos below!

I asked her if she was wearing hers! LOL We totally always had the friendship braclets/necklaces in grade school.

Vincent saw me wearing it and wanted one, so i let him wear one and let Dad wear one to take a cute photo. He is really into rings and bracelets right now.

I ended up giving two of them to my sister Susan so that she can give one to Jill and us 3 sisters could have one.


We celebrated my birthday at work a day early.

Cheryl made me an awesomely cute and delicious rice krispies cupcake, and we had a potluck salad for lunch.

I got 4 Etsy cards and an Anthro card (among other gifts)! Yeeee! Love spending money.


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