Our 6th Wedding Anniversary

Six years of marriage — we own our own house, and have a rambunctious son, a cheeky daughter, and a limpy kitty!

Since tomorrow is Easter, we started off the day by going to another free Easter egg hunt in Marina. We arrived with just a few minutes to spare! Vincent got 10 items. “No parents allowed” in the hunt area made it fun for the kids participating as well as the adults watching.

Vinny got 10 items this time (double his last hunt)! Cute wind-up bunnies, a rainbow frisbee, and rubber duckies dressed up as bunnies.

Melanie was actually awake for this one, but she couldn’t really see anything. Vincent showed her his loot.

After the egg hunt, we went home and had some frozen pizza for lunch. Then went for a walk around the neighborhood in the double stroller. Played for a bit more then put the kids to nap (as well as mommy).

We decided to go out to eat at Sapporo but it was an hour and a half wait so we tried beni Hana and it was only 30 min wait. Melanie slept the whole dinner despite the noise of the chefs and the waiters singing birthday songs!

Vinny loved the chef and started copying his moves as soon as I put on the chefs hat they give the little kids. It was hilarious. He was using his plastic knife and fork to chop up imaginary food. Then he tried putting his knife away in his pocket like the chef.


Chocolate ice cream on the house for our anniversary. Vincent got the most of it and loved it.


I bought Jeff a couple of gifts. The first being 8 boxes of Taylor Ham straight from New Jersey. It’s like the refrigerated cousin of SPAM.

I also had 3 square canvas prints made at Costco. One a portrait of Jeff and I, another a portrait of Vinny, (both from the Lovejoy shoot), and a newborn picture of Melanie. I put it up above the desk in our living room. Both Vinny and Melanie like to stare at them.

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