Happy Easter 2014

Happy Easter from the McGirr family! We just happened to have these cute outfits for the kids that we received as gifts (purple shirt from Aunty Susan for christmas / green dress from Patti for Melanie’s birth), and so i decided to to an impromptu photoshoot in their Easter best!

I spent all day Friday getting ready for Easter. I probably… no i definitely, got Vincent way too many gifts and candy. Totally went overboard. (I guess i don’t have too much to obsess over while i’m on maternity leave!) I ended up separating them into three baskets. One from the Easter bunny, one from mom and dad, one from Melanie. Not to mention his Easter eggs and his presents from grandma Jerrie and grandpa Don and Aunty Jill. I forgot to take a picture of all the gifts in one photo. Oops!

On Easter eve, Jeff and I snuck into his bedroom and removed all his usual toys and stuffed animals in there and replaced them with some of his Easter gifts which included a Snoopy/Woodstock stuffed animal, coloring books, and eggs. When he woke up in the morning we could hear him from our bedroom making a ruckus. 🙂 He actually went to retrieve all his “regular” bed toys that we tossed aside and put them back in his bed.

Before I went to get him up for the morning, I hid all the Easter baskets and a few eggs around the house. The first egg he uncovered was while brushing our teeth.

After eating breakfast, he found the one in our bedroom, where dad, Melanie, and Butters were hanging out.  which included his “big” toy of a firetruck with lights and sound. “Wow!”

I told him, “Firetruck needs to save the kitty!” and he ran into his room to get his stuffed kitty cat.

Other favorite toys included a light up “cars” fan and a light up bouncy ball.

He enjoyed the lil chocolates and candies as well!

After dad woke up we had our Easter egg hunt in the backyard. He went right at it picking up his eggs.

Mostly we hid then on the lawn but a few were next to plants and on the deck.

He needed hints to find some of those.

Inside the eggs I put a variety of candy, cereal, fruit snacks, toy monkeys, coins, stickers, and other small objects.

I made him a bracelet using my hair tye rubberband and some beads, since he really liked this other bracelet he got during his first egg hunt.

For lunch we had mcgirrsfins made by dad with the Taylor ham from our anniversary. Vinny took a couple bites and mom and dad had their own as well as vinny’s leftovers!

Vincent wanted to count everyone’s fingers after lunch.

Melanie loves smiling at what’s going on around her.

More photos from out photoshoot in the backyard.

He loves running in the “dog run” area of the house.

He proceeded to make grass stains on his pants!

Sweet Miss Melanie!

The dress is too big for her, because its a 6-9 mo size!

After nap time, we died Easter eggs.

Colors if the rainbow!

One of the toys from the marina egg hunt was a wind up bunny. Vincent loved watching them race across the table.

We had a ham and sweet potato dinner. Well we as in the adults. Vincent had a banana and cereal. He used to love sweet potatoes but now they are yuck. He actually wanted to eat a hard boiled egg but he only got as far to lick it then he didn’t want it anymore.

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