Melanie is 2 months old!


Melanie is growing so fast! We love her chubby cheeks!


She is fitting is size 3 month clothes for the most part. She is in size 2 diapers after being in size 1 for about 2 seconds it seems. The size 2’s are a little big, actually.

I never thought i’d be the mom that puts ridiculous headbands on their daughter’s head, but i admit some are pretty cute and really add to the photo!


She loves to watch me dance and workout in front of her. She loves to hear us sing and do hand motions. Sometimes she gets scared and cries when i sneeze. Poor girl.


A few minutes of tummy time a day is just enough for Melanie. She doesn’t normally like it very much, but i am not sure most babies do. In general, she hardly lifts her head this high. If she does i take a picture! LOL.

Though, one afternoon, in the sunroom, she fell asleep during tummy time! Quite odd.


She did great at her two month check up. She weights 12 lbs, 7 oz (90th), 22.5″ (50th), and has head circumference of 39cm (50-75th). She did have to get her first set of vaccines. Three shots and one oral.
She cried a bit, and wanted to be held more than usual the rest of the day, but other than that did fine. Doesn’t she look like a sumo wrestler?!

Now that she is bigger she can last longer between feedings. During the day 2-4 hrs still but at night she can go 3-5.5 hrs. She has her longest stretch from about 8pm to midnight which doesn’t work too well for me since I’m not actually sleeping during those hours but I really should just sleep when she goes to bed.

I am definitely noticing her gaining weight. I can no longer pick her up directly from the pack n play and into our bed. I have to actually stand up now to get her. Haha! We removed the bassinet, too. We keep her swaddled for nighttime sleep, but keep her unswaddled during the day and for naps. She loves her pacifier and her swing.


She is clasping her hands together a lot more now and bringing then to her mouth.

She smiles whenever I put her in her car seat or the changing pad. She loves to watch her brother and daddy when they are nearby. Sometimes it seems she smiles at nothing at all!

We put up the kick n play piano and activity mat for her to play in. We still have a few more toys in storage that we haven’t brought out yet since it seems a bit premature.

She coo’s a tiny bit, but not too much. Maybe once a day she’ll talk story with herself. 😛


Shave ice growth picture!


The boys and Melanie cuddling on the couch. Vinny was watching a movie so he didn’t want to look away to the camera.

As far as me, i’ve been trying to get to the gym a couple of times a week, and have also been doing my own workouts at home. Jeff watches her whenever i am gone, and gives her a bottle just fine. I have a bit of milk stashed in the freezer, so it is great that i can get out of the house without her when i need to.


It seems the only two activities i really do outside of the house with Melanie is go shopping and out for walks. Inside the house, she watches me cook, workout, and we play in the sunroom, listen to the radio and of course cuddle and take selfies!

Earlier in the month, though, we did take a trip out to lunch to see the Schipper girls in SJB (seeing Heather off!) and meet baby Jace. He’s so big compared to her! She is only 6 weeks old in this picture, and even compared to herself now, she looks tiny. She is wearing a cute dress from her Aunty Jill.

Grandpa Mike came for another visit to CA to look at a potential house to buy. They’ve finally found one and will be moving here in May!


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