Easter Eggstravaganza 2014


The Salinas Jaycees put on their annual Easter egg hunt over in Creekbridge. In the morning i dressed him in this new yellow shirt (now he is in size 3T) and put on his bunny ears and told him we are going on an Easter egg hunt!


He thought it was funny to jump every time i took a photo with the flash.


I dressed Melanie up in her My First Easter bunny outfit with a hoodie with ears on it. Double bunny in this picture since her swing is a bunny swing.


We drove up to the park, and the parking lot was full! They had plenty of eggs and lots of kiddos this year. Last year, they did the egg hunts by age groups, one by one. This year, they just did it all at once which makes more sense when you think about it.


We had to wait a bit till they let the kids pick up the eggs. At 11 o-clock sharp they did the countdown. 10, 9, 8…  So hard to just stand there with the prize a few feet away from you.


He knew what to do!


It was cute to watch him pick up the eggs.


He picked up 5 of them. Not a lot, but he did it all by himself.


It was all over in about 10 seconds!


I asked him to show Melanie his eggs. She slept through it all.


But at least she looked cute in that bunny outfit!


We got a photo op with the peeps chick.


I really tried to get Vinny to smile, but he just had his serious face on the whole time. Did you have fun Vinny?!

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