Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

Life has been awesome with two kids! It’s hard work of course, but we couldn’t be happier with our two little minions! We keep life really simple, and aren’t really going out much yet since Melanie’s pretty small and I honestly am so lazy to go out with her. Staying home all day really doesn’t bother me as much as it might with some other people.

I do try to get out of the house on a daily walk, or go shopping. Melanie is on a pretty good schedule of up-time in the morning and sleeping in afternoon, which allows me to do some cooking, exercising, or take a nap. When Vincent gets home we have a lot of fun playing together and by the time bedtime comes around for him, i’m pretty beat, even though as i reflect on the day it seems i hardly do anything at all, especially without my normal full-time day job (of which i will be going back to in May)!

A couple weeks ago, my friend Christina gave Vincent a picnic playset, which he loves pretending to use.

So one nice weekend afternoon we decided to make a real picnic out in our backyard. Dad made us turkey and cheese sandwiches, along with chips, apples, and juice.

It was so much fun to eat outside. Vincent was mostly up walking around the backyard, but he did manage to eat most of his meal amazingly enough. Melanie was not too happy to be outside in the shade and wind, however.

We didn’t have a picnic basket so we used a reusable bag.

The weather has been warming up, so we pulled out the kiddie pool. Vincent absolutely loves going under the stream of water and dousing himself.

He was having fun pouring water out of the tub as well.

Vinny loves music and to sing songs. Our recent favorite is “Where is Thumbkin” — he copies the motions when Jeff sings it except he uses his index finger instead of his thumb.

At bedtime, another favorite is “I’m a Little Teacup”. At first he would use his same arm to form the handle and the spout, but now he knows to use them both. Of course “tipping over” makes him giggle!

And this past weekend, we wondered if he knew how to play “Hide and Seek”. Jeff said he thought they played at daycare, so we decided to give it a go. Vincent is so funny, because first of all, he can’t count or speak really, so when he is “counting” he is saying random gibberish, but you do know that he is playing because he is sort-of covering his eyes, and then his “ready or not here i come” is also said in gibberish.

“Hiding” for him means, huddling down on all fours and covering his eyes, or just standing out in the open and laughing as we try to “find” him in all the wrong spots. Like the little kid he is, his laughter gives him away, even if he weren’t standing out in plain sight!

Getting Vincent to eat his dinner has been a challenge but lately its been getting a bit better. The foods he will eat now seem to be spaghetti with tomato sauce, hot dogs, beaners and weiners, turkey/cheese sandwich, and mexican rice. Most all fruits are still his friend though he doesnt like applesauce anymore.

We went to a birthday party about a month ago and we had to leave before the cake was cut, which left him crying the whole way home. So we baked up a batch as he took his afternoon nap, and decorated them when he got up. “upcakes’are his favorite!

Playing with shadows in the afternoon light. Pretty amazing stuff!

Vincent is starting to slowly talk more. New words i’ve noticed”

– Stuck
– Light/Dark
– “Ahnee” which is his word for “orange”
– Owl
– Apple
– Milk
– Firetruck
– P.U. (Stinky/yuck)

He can also say Melanie’s name but sounds more like “Menanie”. When he comes home from daycare, he immediately asks “Menanie??” and holds out his hands asking where she is.

High fives, fist bumps, and doing "the swim". Bath time is always so much fun!! Thanks Dad!

We’ve taught him how to “fist bump” and make funny character noises while holding his nose.

Vincent's latest rituals: pretending to be a lion and playing with his rubber ducky!

After bathtime, he loves to come out with his lion towel and pretend that he is a lion by “roaring” to scare us. This started off when the grandparents where visiting, so he would come out and scare everyone in the living room. Now it’s just us, so he will come find Butters, me and Melanie to “scare”. He thinks he’s being really scary, but to me it’s just so cute!

Another part of nighttime routine is doing Simon says. He loves standing on one foot (or trying to because he normally falls over). He is in love with his firetruck PJs and one night he was “simon says rub your belly” and noticed he wasn’t wearing his favorite pjs and flipped out!! They were dirty and stinky and had to be washed!

He loves his flappy books and pop up books. He could read forever it seems and gets upset when it’s time to go to bed. His “bedtime routine” consists of a lot of “rituals” and every week it seem something “new” is added to it! It’s fun, but time consuming, so we might have to start limiting all that play right before bed.

I am so thankful for my life and am trying to enjoy they little moments everyday. Vincent is at such an exciting age at which they are learning about so many things around them. At every stage in their childhood i seem to always simultaneously wish they stay young because i’m enjoying them so much — but at the same time can’t wait to see them grow up!

With having Melanie, I am definitely less “stressed out” about being a new parent and am able to enjoy and look forward to all the milestones she will achieve in her first year. Having children is such an amazing adventure!


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Isn’t it funny how their interest in food changes!? You think if you stick to ONLY healthy foods they will never be picky … wrong! haha Maddie didn’t have sugar until her first birthday and her food preference still changes everyday. One day she will like something literally the next day she will hate it.

christina  |  Apr 07, 2014 at 10:17 pm

Ugh it is so stressful! Why do kids only like mac and cheese and chicken nuggets and pizza? So weird.

Diane  |  Apr 07, 2014 at 10:54 pm

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