Pumpkin Patch Time!

It’s October and time to go find that perfect pumpkin! We went back to Borchard Farms this year because it was so much fun last year!

We picked up one of their wagons at the front so we could haul our stuff.

I loved all the warty ones!

Vinny thought they were funny too!

They had some really giant ones on wooden palettes — Vinny wanted to walk inbetween all of them and was very careful not to fall.

Love the coloring on the pumpkins!

Checked out all the bird in the cages. Here is a turkey.

Smiling at some ducks.

Found our pumpkin! Help daddy lift it into the wagon!

Vinny always needs to play with dirt / gravel! He’s like a dog!

Yay! We got a warty one too!

Kitty cat!

I walked under it, so he followed me.

Posing nicely for a photo.

My two boys~ Love them. Next year there will be one more in this photo!



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