Swimming Lessons at the YMCA

Daddy finally signed Vinny up for swim lessons. Since its on Saturday mornings when i teach my fitness class at the gym, i can’t go with them, but i snapped a few photos before they left for the their first lesson. Vinny gets so excited when you show him his swim diaper and swim trunks! He knows we’re about the play with the water.

Got our gym bag!

Ready to go! Have fun guys!

Jeff said it was more like “open swim” versus any kind of real instruction or structure. Only 1 other younger baby is registered in the class thought they told him when he registered there was only one spot left. They have toys and what not to play with and its just a 1/2 hour class, but nonetheless its gets Vinny to the pool every week, and he loves it. Classes go on i think for 6 weeks.

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