Lake Nacimento

Charlotte - 4 mo, Vincent - 13 mo

Bonnie and Kyle invite us to Kyle’s parent’s lake house near Lake Nacimento. Neither Jeff or I have been there before. It is a little over an hour south of Salinas in San Luis Obispo County.We left Saturday morning and got in right before lunch time.

Fell asleep 10 miles from the house

Vinny stayed awake almost the whole drive, until we were about 10 minutes away, then he crashed. He was crying a little bit so we knew he was tired, but sometimes he just fights the sleep! We let him sleep a little in the car while we got a tour of the place.

Lake Nacimento

Its a small cozy house that they renovated very nicely. The guest room is actually part of the garage (to the left in this photo). It was a nice big room. We brought Vinny’s pack n’ play for him to sleep in.

His new seat

The thing with having/traveling with a toddler is that they eat so often! We ate breakfast right before we left, he had a snack in the car, and as soon as we got there, it was already lunch time! I packed a few meals for him and lots of snack, plus his cow milk.

Hi dogs

I knew Vinny would love Bonnie’s dogs, Rufus and Tina.  Rufus is a bit more friendly, while Tina (smaller on) is very skiddish (just in general) so she kept her distance from Vincent. There was a little growling from the dogs, but overall they were very tolerant of our little mischievous boy.


Charlotte just turned 4 months old. She has the cutest eyes/stare. She is very strong for a 4 month old. She loves sitting up (supported) and putting weight on her legs. I dont think Vinny could do that until 6 months or so…I had some extra Butternut Squash Pear fruit puree and Bonnie had me try feeding it to Charlotte. She lapped it all up with her tongue. It was quite amusing.

So after lunch and hanging out a bit, we got the kids (and ourselves) dressed and slathered with sunscreen so we could hit the pool! The temperature was warm and getting hotter, but still not too bad. About mid 80s i think… our car temperature never seemed to be accurate for some reason.

Lake Nacimento

The community pool was a short drive away. There were quite a few kids in the pool but it was fun and not too crowded. There were pool toys scattered about for everyone’s use, and a lifeguard on duty.

Entering pool

Jeff took Vinny in for his first pool experience.

Pool with dad

He loved it! Big smiles, talking, and splashing!

He hated this thing

Then we decided to try Charlotte’s water ring thing… oh… he did not like that at all! I think it made him float on his back so he just laid there. It was kind of funny. We took him out immediately after this.

We all hung out at the pool for a bit. I got in the water too. We also played on the grass for a little bit with that purple ball.

After the pool, we went to the local market and picked up some burger meat for dinner. When we got back to the house it was time to feed Vinny again!

Lake Nacimento

I think i fed him some chicken meatballs, cheese, and green beans. He is a pretty good eater.

Bonnie and Kyle taught Jeff and I a dice/board game called Cataan. It was a fun “resources” game with wheat, rock, brick, sheep, … and maybe some other stuff i don’t remember. Anyway, you have to get resources to build houses/communities and roads to earn points (most points wins). It was fun to learn but we (or at least I) was trying to watch Vinny at the same time and so that was challenging. I think Jeff ended up winning the game. It took us a long time to finish it!

We gave Vinny a shower in the shower and put him to bed. I was pretty tired so i went to bed shortly after we ate our grilled burgers (yummy!) for dinner. Vincent slept nicely in his pack’n play.

The next day was boat day! Kyle’s dad made us a nice bacon n’ eggs breakfast. We hung out for a bit.. we were being lazy.


Vincent had so much fun running around after the dogs, running into different rooms, and going out on the deck.

Lake Nacimento

He kept going in and out of the back door.

Hanging outside

Finally, i said, here, sit in the camping chair. And he actually stayed put! It looks rather comfy actually, sort of like a hammock for him!

We got slathered up again with the sunscreen and headed out to the lake. Charlotte stayed home with her Grandma. Kyle was practicing docking/undocking the boat. The boat had a couple of issues starting up, but we got those cleared after a few runs around the lake.

Lake Nacimento

Here is Vinny on the boat. We had a little floaty thing on him, that i think paralyzed him. He didnt cry or make a peep. He just had his “poker” face on the whole time. Didn’t move a muscle. Which i guess is good, since i cant have him running all around the place.

Kyle Wakeboarding

Kyle’s dad did some wakeboarding. Jeff even tried too! I did some innertubing. Kyle took a few runs at both.

Diane Tubing

It was bumpy, and kinda hurt my legs when the boat went fast!

Playing with Dad's mouth

Vinny finally perked up toward the last 2 minutes of the boat ride. He started playing with Dad’s mouth, then the metal nuts on the pole that was in front of him…

Being silly with bonnie

Then here is is leaning back and being silly with Bonnie.

There is a half-smile! Finally...

We can’t wait to go back and visit!

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