Stratton’s Come to Visit

Visit from the Strattons

Jim and Christina (and their two kids Maddie and Daniel) drove up from So-Cal to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary, here where they met, in Monterey. Patti and Evan also came up too. They stopped by the house on Thursday night to meet Vinny and see our house. It was quite a whirlwind of activity with 2 toddlers, a 4 year old and Vinny.

My Museum Beach

On Saturday we went to My Museum in Monterey which is an interactive kid museum where they can explore different exhibits such as the beach, a hospital, a golf course, a theater, etc. The spot for Vinny was the beach because it was for kids under 3 who are learning to walk and climb. There was two baby slides in there that Vinny just loved going down! Jeff took him to the top and let him go, while i caught him a the bottom. He giggled with glee as he went flying down. If he could talk i am sure he would say “again, again!”

My Museum Fields

Since this area is known for its Ag, they had a mock field where you could pick carrots, lettuce, and strawberries. There was also a cute play-firetruck complete with fireman outfits, and a real ambulance with a working “telelphone” that you could hear yourself in if you talked. Jeff held the phone up to Evan’s ear and said “say something” — but Evan being the quiet boy he is just shook his head side to side. It was pretty funny.

I think it may be worth getting a season pass to this place because it really is a great place for a small kid to explore. I forgot to bring my camera so i have some more photos with Patti’s camera but i haven’t been able to get them from her yet. I will post to Flickr when i get them.

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