First Outing, then Meeting the Grandparents

First outing to Pinnacle Bank Potluck

Vincent had his first outing this morning to Jeff’s Pinnacle Bank Annual Summer Picnic which was out at a home in Pebble Beach. He slept the WHOLE time we were there! A good 3+ hours, since he was up the entire morning earlier. Made it easy on us, no feedings or diaper changes needed! When we got back from the outing, Jeff called up his parents who had just flown into town this morning and were anxiously awaiting meeting their first grandchild.

Grandma Lisa

Here is Grandma Lisa, barely in the door and holding little Vinnie!

Grandpa Mike

Grandpa Mike gets his turn!

Uncle Pat

And last but not least, his one and only uncle, Uncle Pat!

Last night, my father flew in from Honolulu. He had originally planned on coming Monday, but the night before he got the flu and decided it’d be best to stay home and recover before coming to visit since he didn’t want Vincent to get sick. He ended up having to fly first class since that was the only seat available at such late notice (he had to pay for it of course – but he loved it!)


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