Vincent’s First Two Weeks at Home

Family Portrait

Welcome Home Vincent!

Going Home Outfit
Vincent and I came home from the hospital on Thursday around noon. Here is Jeff dressing him in his coming home outfit that was size 0-3 months and was way too big for him! The nurses at the hospital were great and i wasn’t in a rush to get home even if i delivered early Tuesday morning and could have went home on Wednesday night. I liked having the nice bed that rises up and down and having meals delivered to me! Jeff took off work to stay with me at the hospital. The car ride home went fine – Vincent didn’t really like the car seat so much but he settled in on the drive home.

Vincent and Butters

The first night home was a little rough. I hadn’t really grasped the concept that you should try to breastfeed your baby on both breasts. I would just feed him when he was hungry and usually after the first boob he fell asleep so i just let him sleep. But i learned now that i should feed him on one side, then change his diaper, wait a bit, and he will most likely be hungry for the other boob in a few minutes. The first night i didn’t do this and he kept waking up about every hour or so it seemed. And if he wasnt hungry, it was because he was too cold (i didn’t use enough blankets on him the first night), or he had a diaper, or I myself had to go to the bathroom (laxatives finally worked that night, thank you), or I was too cold (i fell asleep with Vincent in my arms and forgot to cover myself up and only had a camisole on)… anyway, it was hard work but by the second night i got wiser and Vincent was sleeping 2 1/2 hour stretches in the night meaning i fed him before we went to bed at 11pm-ish, woke up at about 1:30 and 4am, and then in the morning around 7am. So not too bad for a newborn.

Car Ride to Doctor

Vincent’s first doctor’s appointment was set for Saturday morning with another doctor at the practice that our pediatrician works at. Here he is in his carseat – he looks SO TINY! He kept eating the seatbelt harness thing and i think that made him a little upset because he was trying to reach for his arm but couldn’t. Dr. Rosen looked him over and said his circumcision is healing well, and that he had a bit of jaundice which we noticed in his eyes and on his face and upper chest area. A few minutes naked in the direct sunlight would help clear him up of it. He had gained a few ounces since leaving the hospital but still wasn’t up to his initial birth weight of 6 lbs and 11 oz.

Kyle and Bonnie - First Home Visitors

Vincent’s first visitors were our good friends Bonnie and Kyle. They don’t have any kids themselves yet but will probably be starting a family in the next year, so they were curious about everything we were going though asking us lots of questions. Angie and Rita from my workplace also came by to meet our little one.

Vincent Newborn Portraits

My childhood friend Tehani gave Vincent a stuffed shave ice pillow thing that he can sit next to and take photos as he grows. He is so long already even in this first photo… i even cut off his feet unintentionally.

Vincent after breasfeeding

Life at home is going quite well. My mom is helping a great deal by cooking us dinner, going grocery shopping, and watching Vincent while i take a nap during the day. Vincent sleeps in good chunks during the night and is up an hour or two in the morning and afternoon. He grunts a lot when he has to poo, and loves to STRETCH his head and arms back when he wakes up and when we put him down to change him. We’re in awe of how cute he his and can just stare at him all day.

Here are some photos from the first two weeks at home:

Cuddle Time

Sleeping on Mommy.

FaceTime with Grandparents Mike and Lisa

First time in the bunny swing, FaceTime with Grandma Lisa and Grandpa Mike.

Vincent Newborn Portraits

Belly shot with Vincent outside my belly!

Vincent Posing

One of Jeff’s favorite photos. Vinny looks tough, huh?

Vincent is Home

Here is where Vincent sleeps at night – it is the bassinet insert in his pack n’ play portable crib/play yard.


Wide-eyed at 3am after a long (3 hour) nap!

Jeff and Vinny

Vinny and Daddy.

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Dr. Rosen? OMG, I am 90% sure he was my pediatrician when I was growing up! How crazy is that, haha.

Welcome home Vinny! 🙂

Heather Hunsinger  |  Aug 11, 2011 at 11:25 pm

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