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Singing Happy Birthday to Michelle

Today was my coworker Michelle’s birthday. We all recorded ourselves singing her happy birthday in the bathroom (LOL) because the day before we had  had a “you tube moment” watching Eric Whitacare’s Virtual Choir and was a little inspired i guess. Not quite the same concept but still a little fun. Will put the video together. Who’s Will? Oh yeah, Will is a new designer who does graphics/web/video/video/3d and seemingly everything else under the sun. We’re really fortunate to have him on the team!

If you look closer in the picture, you’ll notice something else exciting. Earlier this month we also switched our computers to MACS! Yes! Normally design studios have PCs but since Kathy’s husband Ken (aka resident IT guy) knew everything about PCs and not much about Mac’s, the company was originally set up with Dells. The transition has been pretty smooth. It took a while to get used to it but i really dig it. And it’s so purty! And i think i’m getting a new laptop (though i have a personal laptop at home) to use for work when i’m on maternity leave so i can work from home.

Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Strawberry Frosting

Here are the cupcakes i baked from scratch for Michelle’s birthday. I used America’s Test Kitchen’s Dark Chocolate cupcake recipe (for a dozen instead of 24 cupcakes – god i cannot deal with 24 cupcakes every time it is someone’s birthday!) and i also wanted to make a fun frosting, and saw fresh strawberries in my fridge so i looked up some recipes and came up with this delicious thing. OH – chocolate and strawberries, need i say more? It was perfect. All you do i make regular frosting and mash up some fresh strawberries with your hand, letting go of the extra juices, then whip it all in to the frosting. You’ll need a thick frosting to begin with (read: lots of sugar) because the berries do make it a bit softer.

Here is one more pic! Reminded me of a pretty rose once i piped it on there.

Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Strawberry Frosting

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