30 weeks, 4 days

30 weeks 4 days

Belly is poking out a bit more! It’s been getting more challenging to move around and do stuff, and i am very protective of my belly (like it hitting up against a counter or something). I have been having a hard time staying asleep at night. I don’t have trouble falling asleep so much as that it wake up the middle of the night for seemingly no reason. Yes, i usually go pee, but i dont think that i why i get up. Maybe the baby kicks me and i wake up but i have no memory. I have been having really weird baby dreams as well… oh your typical, delivery, breastfeeding, diaper changing kind of dreams.

Other symptoms … my sciatic nerve has been a pain in the butt literally. Most likely because i sit down at work all day on a god awful chair. I even got a new one but then that one was WORSE. I just bought a new exercise ball and plan on sitting on that at work, alternating with my regular chair. I’ve had a bothersome sciatic nerve before i got pregnant, so now it i just a lot worse, makes i hard to walk sometimes. My tailbone also hurts a lot too.

But besides those things i’ve had it pretty easy i’d say! I am still teaching classes on a sub basis, usually about 1-2x a week. Not sure when i’ll “stop” but trying to keep to a somewhat regular workout schedule. I’d say i am only exercising 50% of what i normally do, maybe even less. Every other day or so, i’ll get a workout in. I’d like to do more, but.. i also know it’s good to kind of take it easy. I am really look forward to getting back in shape after the baby is born.

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