Shoe Shopping – I Suck at It

New Adidas

Got some new Adidas yesterday at the outlets. I like the color on these. OK though seriously i have a problem/curse buying shoes. I either can be a size 6.5 or a 7, depending on the shoe or brand. And i never can get it right! I try shoes on at the store, and for whatever reason once i get home and put them on i decide i need a different size. If i get a 6.5 i’ll say i need a 7, if i get a 7 i’ll say its too big should have got a 6.5. EVERYTIME! OMG. Earlier this month i tried to buy some Saucouvny’s that were on sale at Big 5 because i forgot to bring shoes in my gym bag and was in Monterey too far to go back home to get my shoes. Well 6.5, too small. Least it was only $35. The adidas i bought at the outlet stores for about $45 i think. I have decided i am only ever going to buy Adidas for workout shoes, they are the only shoes that my feet like anymore since i have been wearing them since high school. In particular, these at a size 7 and while they fit i think i could have gone with the 6.5 (yes i did try both on in the store – let me tell you hard to do with the big belly)

Anyway, that is the end of my gripe. Heheheh… until the next time i shoe shop.

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