Assembling the Crib

Babies R Us called us to let us know the crib came in – it was faster than we expected – only 1 week from order placement. Since we don’t have a truck and figured it wouldn’t fit in either of our cars, we decided to rent a truck from Uhaul to bring it home (forgetting that our neighbor has a truck – duh). Well that plan was little foiled when we went to pick up the truck Saturday morning and there was no truck available. Instead we had to get the larger Uhaul van. A little silly but it did the job.

Assembling the Crib

Here’s Jeff assembling the crib. It didn’t take us too long.

Crib View

Here’s the assembled crib! We had some bedding and blankets we could throw on there to make it presentable for the photo 🙂

Other side of room

We moved the twin bed that was outside in the sunroom to this room. Previously the futon was in here for guests, and now that’s out in the sunroom. I think it makes more sense this way.

After we placed the order for the crib last weekend i went online to make sure my Registry was in order, and realized that the cute bedding set i wanted was “out of stock” and “only available in stores” — except for every store i searched for didn’t have it in stock! So i figured i’d just go ahead and try to buy the bedding set online as it seems like it’s being discountined and i didnt want anything else but this cute set!

So on Monday we received the bedding set. We haven’t really put it all together yet but here are some photos of the comforter, wall stickers, music mobile, bumpers, and blanket.

Doodle Doo Bedding


Hehe! I LOVE it! The sheep is all fuzzy! Cute little chickies, and best of all there are bunnies!

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