Bedroom – Post Asbestos

I haven’t done any posts showing our “Before and After” shots of the ceiling asbestos removal. Its been about 2 months and slowly but surely we’re getting things back in order – putting stuff up the walls and organizing furniture and belongings. Instead of waiting to do the whole house i’d figure i’d do room by room as a felt satisfied with our progress. Here is our bedroom:


We picked a very light tan color for the bedroom, main living area (living room and dining room), and the hallway. After all was said and done i think we could have went a bit darker because it’s hard to tell there is even color the wall. But we still like it. I found a couple of art pieces to put on the wall that were on sale from Target. I liked the blue graphic, white trim and dark wood frame. (I should have take a closer photo of it, sorry),

Looking at this photo we still have to get rid of that weird awning window wood thing. I don’t really mind the color but it just doesnt match the look we’re going for in this room. From the sliding glass door there are some curtains in the same color, and the closet trim has the same paint color and awful wallpaper as well. SO i guess this room ISN’T quite done yet…. baby steps.

Another Chest

I decided a couple weeks ago that i needed more drawer space, so i went to Furniture Expo where we got our chest to purchase another one. Placed an order with the nice Asian lady there and a week later we got it delivered (scored free delivery  Рi think being Asian and pregnant she liked me a lot).

Folded Tee Shirts

I folded up all my t-shirts that were previously hanging in my closet, then moved all my sweaters and cropped pants that were basically thrown on the floor in the closet into the drawers as well. I used up every single drawer amazingly! I do have way too much clothes…. I spent the time to decide on whether or not the t-shirts were wearable at this point in my pregnancy or not. Some shirts are “long” some are not… so the one’s that don’t fit at the moment hang out in the back row, the ones in front are do-able. But who knows when that will change as i am constantly growing. I don’t want to buy maternity clothes but at the same time, i do need stuff to wear…

Jewelry Galore!

I also bought a bunch more jewelry holders to place my necklaces on. I had one previously, but that was just so limiting! Now i have 4 total! AND GUESS WHAT, i can fill it all up! Yeah! Ok so i have a lot of jewelry too. It feels like i am in a jewelry store! It’s pretty fun. Now i can actually SEE all the stuff i have in the morning when i’m deciding what necklace to wear.

More Jewelry

Here is the fourth necklace holder. I keep my favorites here because its right next to my sink and makeup.


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you’re soo organized its gross… lol just kidding. wish I could keep the house that clean. I bet you guys are going to be that couple that has teh ridiculously clean house despite having kids!

christina stratton  |  May 19, 2011 at 5:19 pm

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