Pinnacle Bank Surprise Baby Shower

A few weeks ago Jeff’s co-worker emailed me asking if i had Tuesday, May 10th free to come to a Lizzaron Restaurant in Gilroy because Jeff was getting an award at work. It was a surprise so i wasn’t supposed to tell him. I didn’t wonder too much about it but was happy Jeff was being recognized at work.

Well… when i get there… it was actually a surprise baby shower. His coworkers pitched in money and bought us a bunch of stuff from our registry as well as other baby stuff and a very generous gift card to Babies R Us. Sweet! Jeff was surprised as well – they had a meeting at the restaurant earlier and told him to “go to the car and get something” – and he said that’s when i knew something wasn’t right. And indeed when he came back in the room there were balloons, presents, and a cake. But he didn’t expect me to show up a little later! So much fun.

It’s a little crazy that all this is happening so soon. Looking at all this baby stuff… now what are we supposed to do with this? Haha, we’ll learn.

Jeff + Diane at the Surprise Shower

Here we are at the party. They had two chair set up at the front of the room at the beginning of his work meeting. Jeff was a little suspicious.

Gift Basket

Basket full of gifts! Some stuff from our registry and a few others.

Diaper Bag + Gifts

Diaper bag, i love the colors and the matching changing pad.

Looking at our loot

Yellow and green! And some blue…

Yummy Cake with Strawberries

Yummy cake with fresh strawberries! We had taken home the leftovers but then my preggo brain, i forgot it in the car until the next evening so it was all melted.

Pinnacle Baby Shower Gifts

Here is a shot of the gift baskets again, once we got home. Time to set up the nursery huh?

Pinnacle Baby Shower Gifts

This is my favorite! Cute lil mouse guy that jitters, rattles, and crinkles. You can attach him to the car seat handle (or anything else).

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