Butters’ Adoptiversary – 3 years

Butters Adoptiversary - Year 3

Today marks 3 years since we have adopted good ole’ Butters from the Salinas Animal Shelter. Usually i make him his own little party hat or crown or something to wear, but i was lazy and bought him a little santa suit from PetSmart instead. At first we put the suit on him while he was drinking water (distracted).

Butters Adoptiversary - Year 3 Butters Adoptiversary - Year 3

I was suprised he actually kept it on without shaking his head around or acting all weird trying to get it off. He continued to drink his water after it was on. Then it kept falling off (just because he was walking around – not because he was trying to get it off).. so Jeff helped him put it back on.

Butters Adoptiversary - Year 3

Then he started to actually pose for me with his head resting on the present! How precious! LOL! We fed him some wet food for dinner, and just gave him extra pets as his “present”. No other toys or anything because we’re saving it for Christmas. Happy Adoptiversary Kitty! We love you!

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