Christmas This Year

Our Presents, Christmas 2010

Here is our Christmas tree (its fake and prelighted!) with all the presents under it. We were shy this year and didn’t take any photos of us opening presents. We don’t get too many presents from other people, mainly its presents to and from each other…

Jeff got me a slow cooker, a flat-panel tv for the bedroom to replace our tube tv, a couple books, and a wok.

I got him a lot of work clothes (pants, shirts, belt) and his “main” present was tickets to see comedian Daniel Tosh in San Francisco in January.

From his parents we got so much stuff! An amaryllis plant (its growing…. slowly), a cute Christmas figurine display thing, a backgammon game, some flashlight and candy stuff, and im sure some other things i just cant remember.

Jill, my sister, got me lotsa food snacks from Hawaii! Yum! Actually my mom and Aunt also sent me some of that stuff too.

Christmas Gifts 2010

Susan got me these super super cute kitty measuring cups! Jeff’s brother gave us the glass etched candle holder. Taylor made a crochet cover for a beautiful vase… handmade of course

We got some other gifts too but those where the main ones.

For dinner we headed over to Torie’s Dad’s place in Marina. We usually go there for Christmas if we’re in town because we don’t have anywhere else to really go and they have a small family as well so we like to celebrate together. They had a yummy and moist ham (my fave!), stuffing, and some tamales. I made a side salad. Cheesecake for dessert! We exchanged presents afterwards.

Victor, Torie, Nando

Here is Torie’s Dad Victor, Torie, and Orlando (her husband).

Amy opening present

Amy (Torie’s Sister) opening our gift to her (fuzzy slippers).

Jeff and I for Xmas

Jeff and I (with my eyes sorta closed! LOL)

Sasha the kitty cat

Amy has a cat named Sasha (who looks like a lot like Henry!). Torie is knitting. BTW how come every girl i know seems to knit? I dont think i could ever get into that… who knows though.

So overall a very chill Christmas! We’re happy to have each other, our health, and our wonderful family and friends.

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