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After i recuperated from traveling to Japan, i drove down to San Diego to visit Patti who had her baby on October 19th. She is all alone while her husband, Chris, is deployed on a ship sailing around the world (stationed mostly Iraq i believe).

Since i only had a weekend i didn’t have much time to spend with them but we did get a chance to take some lovely portraits of her 2-week old precious baby. This was my first time taking portraits.. and of a baby! It was pretty fun and i love the way the photos came out. Here are some of my favorite shots.

Baby Evan

Itty bitty feetsies!

Baby Evan

He was cooperating pretty well even though he was shivering most the time. =)

Baby Evan

Mommy holding her baby.

Baby Evan

So innocent…

Baby Evan

Patti and i thought this shot was funny, he looks like he’s showing his guns!

I was very impressed by how relaxed and comfortable Patti seemed to be as a mom! I was nervous for her to be all alone with a newborn, i don’t know how she does it.. but she does! Way to go!

Before I got to Patti’s house that weekend i stopped by Christina & Jim’s to visit and have dinner. Here are some photos of her baby Daniel who was born in September (2 months old), and her daughter Maddie who is 2 1/2.

Christina and Daniel

Monkeying Around

We made Mustard Chicken with Apples and i was really yummy. Maddie helped us cook a little bit. She’s so entertaining and cute. When i got there she was butt-naked running around the house, it was kinda funny.

So a long weekend filled with kids n’ babies. It was actually a lot more fun and relaxed than i thought it’d be… but i’m glad to be able to drive home to my no-kid house and veg-out without anyone depending on me. LOL!

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