Halloween 2010

Tehani invited us to her school’s Halloween Party which is held by this building right next to the ocean. Jeff and i don’t normally celebrate Halloween but figured, what the heck! When do we ever get invited to such fun events?!? So we went to the Halloween store a couple days before the party and i found the perfect costume – RAINBOW BRITE! And Jeff found some cool skeleton gloves in Japan that he wanted to wear so he got this outfit to match. Except while we were getting ready i had him help hair spray my hair with glitter and he took off his gloves and left them on the bathroom counter! Oh he was so bummed about forgetting them and i felt real bad too! But we forgot about it quickly and had a great time at the party.

Rainbow Brite + Obama

My friend James came to the party too – can you guess who he is?

Halloween Night

On Halloween night, Jeff passed out candy to the kids wearing his costume, complete with the gloves, and the added “Giants” shirt in celebration of their World Series win.


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