Leaving Japan

Top of Shingawa

Our last day in Japan we had the morning to have breakfast and say goodbye to my parents. We went to the top floor of our hotel for a continental breakfast and great view of the city. Food was just ok… curry, eggs (not very good mind you), bacon, some fruit and what not.

Peekaboo Dessert - 1/2 dozenPeekaboo Waffle Desserts

After breakfast i had a couple hours to kill and decided to go shopping. I found a little mall area and bought a bunch of jewelry and food snacks. There was a really small vendor right by the door selling these Peek-a-boo Cakes. OMG sooo good! They are like waffles with flavored whip cream in the middle! I ate 4 of them while waiting for the plane at the airport.

Passport - Japan stamp

Here is a pic of our passport stamp! I forgot to take a photo of all our yen.

Japan Candy

Here is the snacks and Japanese dolls i brought back for the work crew. Shoyu (soy sauce) kit kats anyone? They actually tasted good, it was like white chocolate with a little savory taste.

Japan Stuff i Bought

Here is the stuff i bought while in Japan. Lots of snacks and kitchen items. All cute of course. Lots of cat things.

Cute Japan Bags

And i bought a lot of bags for my lunch since i like to bring homemade lunch everyday to work. Look at the camera bag i bought! Hehehe, so cute!!!

We had a wonderful time in Japan and i would not mind going back one day!

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