“Kid Stuff” Day in Tokyo

Freshness Burger

Today we had planned for Jeff to go see the “Sony Computer Entertainment Building” – i had it in my guidebook and after a late start, we headed off. We didn’t know where it was exactly and even if i had the address, we still had no clue how to get there. So we went in the “general” direction by train, then decided to hail a taxi and then ask him. Well.. our taxi driver could barely speak English but he was the cutest thing trying to help us find it. He called the place, but then they didnt pick up.. then he punched the address in his GPS and took us to some obscure location that seemed very residential. So it was a bust and Jeff was bummed (like how i was when i couldn’t find Loft)… after some moping around we decided a burger was in order. Fresheness Burger was not that good, i must say, but we were hungry so it worked. I did have some more yummy andagi here though!

After that failed attempt, we decided to do some kid stuff and go to Sega’s Joyopolis, which was a big arcade. Jeff was convinced we could take the taxi there, and from our experience this morning, i told him it would cost a bajillion dollars to get us there since Odaiba was ALL the way across Tokyo. So after some reasoning we took the train to that part of the city, then caught a taxi to the front of Joyopolis since, again, our directions in the guidebook where bit vague.

Love Cats

As i stepped out of the taxi (which, by the way, costs about $50, and that was AFTER we traveled closer to the location!) i saw this pink KITTY! Oh so cute! Ok Japan just loves cats, and so i was in heaven. The store behind it was a half kitty store (with kitty related items for cat and for humans) and half cafe, and half pet store! Well i dont think they were selling cats actually but it was a place you can go to to have a cup of coffee and just lounge with the resident kitty cats. I wanted to hang out there longer but Jeff seemed to care less. It was like my mecca.

Jeff said the game was not fun

We got to Joypolis and it was kinda over the top, amusement parky, but we decided we had nothing else to do so got the 1/2 day pass to enjoy all the rides and pretend we were kids once again. Some of the attractions we couldn’t really do because they were narrated in Japanese and required “running” when being told to, and i was too scared i wouldn’t know what to do or would be left behind or something… so we couldn’t do those rides.

Coin Machines are Addicting...

Besides the rides and what not, they had a bunch of these coin drop machines. We have these at Dave & Buster’s in the US but these had games within games. It was like 1/2 gambling machine half coin drop. Again, we don’t understand Japanese so we were just guessing at how the game worked. But i think we could have spent a whole lot of time (and money) being addicted to these things with little or no reward at the end!

Ferris Wheel Megaweb

Across the street was Megaweb, a similar arcade place for kids, but we didnt have time to go check it out. Here is the cool ferris wheel from there.

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