Japanese Open Air Museum

Japan Tatami Mats

I used my guidebook to plan the next couple of days. Today we dedicated to going to the Open Air Museum in Kawasaki, which is about a 30 min train ride from Tokyo. Once we got to the town, we took a taxi to the location since we didn’t have clear instructions on how to get there. It was really close to the station.

This photo is of a more modern (compared to all the others i will show you) Japanese house. I think it was from a sort-of rich family. This place is neat because you can actually walk inside the house and everything, you dont have to just stand by the door or anything. Of course we had to take our shoes of in this one because of the tatami mats.

First Stamp

We paid the entrance fee and got a little paper so we could stamp it along the way (yes like little kids).


This house had a couple of guides in them, i suppose they would probably tell you more about the house, except, we didnt’ speak Japanese. =) I think this Japanese family was sitting down for some tea with him.

Water Wheel

A water wheel.


A thatched roof house.

WindowPretty Pink

A cool shot of the side of the building, and some nice pink flowers.

Travel across river in thisSee illustration

This contraption was used to get people from one side of a cliff to another. Looks sturdy enough?

2nd floor

Most of the houses wouldn’t let you go upstairs but this one did! The bottom floor was a noodle shop (Oh i wanted to eat there but i wasnt hungry! dang!) and the top floor had museum items in display cases. Can you see me?

Chipping WoodSewing Grass

We went to the museum on a Saturday so they bad more stuff out and about, like these people cutting down a tree and leveling it off – assuming to use to build a house or something. They also had activities for little kids like making a crate, or plastering a wall with mud.

Kabuki TheaterKabuki Theater

We walked all the way up this big hill of stairs and came to an old Kabuki theater with stadium seating. We could go beneath the stage where there was a little roundabout thing you pushed to turn the stage in a circle.

Jeff + Diane

We got a little lost after this. We headed to a place where you could use some indigo dye on fabric, i kinda wanted to do it but i also didnt want to get dirty. So we passed that station, then came upon the woods, and a bunch of stairs leading down to the valley. We knew we were kinda not in the right place but it was really nice so we just went with it.


It is so beautiful here!

Stamp Collecting

We eventually found our way to some other art museum, and then realized we had actually exited our museum, but found our way back in through a back entrance. But we decided we had pretty much seen the entire thing. We made sure to get all our stamps and then we called it a day!

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