Millie’s 80th Birthday

Kids and Millie Cutting Cake

Millie is celebrating her 80th birthday this year and Jeff and I got invited to the party which was held at a Dynasty Chinese Seafood Restaurant in Cupertino tonight. Paul, Carol and Spencer flew in from Hawaii, Kendall came down from Portland, and Taylor and Sofia flew in from Chicago. Millie’s other children, Grace, Kim, and John were all there as well along with a bunch of her friends and family… some i know were from Canada.

Horse Origami FavorFavor Mints

I think Taylor was in charge of the decorations and favors which were so adorable. The color scheme was pink and red. The favors were folded money origami in the shape of a horse (assuming, she was born in year of the horse), a couple of mints, and $1 coin. The coin was a last minute addition because they found out from Grandma that giving only $1 would be “bad luck” so they needed to make it $2. HAH! Figures.. something like that always happens with Asian culture.

Thourghly Modern MillieHappy Birthday Millie Sign

Kendall made a slideshow of old photos and video footage accompanied with some music. Not sure who made the poster but being a graphic designer i think it is very well design and so fun!!!

Sofia, So Darling!

Sofia is so adorable. I love her. Look at how pretty she is in this dress and headband that her Mommy made for her. While Taylor was running an errand i watched her and let her play with my digital camera. She took some cute photos of Jeff and I.

Sofia Cam: Close up!Sofia Cam: Jeff

After she took a picture this picture of Jeff, she said “OK, I did you!”.

Chinese Banquet MenuCondiments

Its been a long time since i’ve been to a multi-course Chinese banquet such as this, and i believe it was Jeff’s first time. There was a lot of seafood and a couple of dishes we both passed on (Braised Dry Scallops with Black Moss anyone?) but mostly tried everything and it was all very delicious. My favorite was Smoked Seabass with Honey Butter Glaze, and Jeff liked the Minced Duck Lettuce Wrap. I regret not taking photos of all the food! There was SO MUCH leftovers.

Sofia, Taylor, Millie, KendallJeff + Diane at Millie's Party

It was so nice to see and catch up with Taylor and everyone. They really do feel like a part of our family.

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That b-day party looks amazing and Sofia is so cute!!! I can’t believe how big she’s gotten since your wedding.

Patti  |  Mar 21, 2010 at 9:18 pm

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