Lots of Bears in the Black Bear Diner

The Big Bear Diner

Been lazy this week and decided to go out for dinner to the Black Bear Diner instead of cooking. This is a chain that has 40+ restaurants throughout the western US. We were seated in a spot we haven’t sat in before which happened to be right next to their big collection of bear merchandise. It felt like we were eating in a store instead of a restaurant.

Volcano BreakfastThe Burger

I had the Volcano pancake breakfast (…a name for which i can’t figure out because it does not resemble a volcano at all) and Jeff had… yes a burger.

I could only finish 1 of the 3 pancakes. Took the rest home but didn’t end up eating it. The plates are the cutest though, bear tracks underneath! This place is much more fun to eat at then Denny’s or iHOP and their food is yummy.

Bear Paw Prints

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