Tustin Road House in Prunedale


This afternoon we toured the Tustin Road house in Prunedale a bit more. Towards the end of our tour as we were chatting with Mike, the listing agent called and said that there were already 15+ offers on the house that were over the asking price over 375k. Mike said he thinks the house would probably end up selling for 500k. Jeff and I can’t compete with that! So we walked out of there with disappointment. But in the end it was probably for the better – this house needed some upgrading and what would we do with 6 bedrooms meanwhile! We joked that Butters could have his own room. One of the nice things about this house was the fact that there were skylights in the main living areas as well as in all the bathrooms. Though heating and roofing definitely needed work, whoever ends up winning this house will be lucky still, its a good mix of country and contemporary.

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