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Mike the Realtor (TM)

Earlier this week Jeff and I applied for financing through a mortgage broker, and contacted a very knowledgeable real estate agent named Mike Mervis to help us with our house hunt. Jeff recommended him because he was a client of Pinnacle Bank and liked the way he worked. At first we told Mike we were interested in a house in Morgan Hill. Then we started looking more towards Prunedale. So today we set up to tour a handful of properties in that area.

First up was home Mallory Canyon right off the 101. Built in 1944, it was definitely in need of some work and maintenance. We didn’t like it very much but the interesting thing about this property was that it had recently dropped its asking price frm 340s to 280s.

House #2 was off Brentwood in a very nice neighborhood with expensive looking lots and houses, but unfortunately we couldn’t tour it because the occupants were still living there.

House #3 was on the to of a hill, and had “forever” views, both from the front and back of the house. This house was not updated, except for a bonus living area and beautiful wrap around deck with a vista of Prunedale trees and neighborhood.

House #4 – Tustin road – was priced at 375 for 2600+ sq ft and 6 bedrooms. It was a home with tons of potential. Lots of skylights, high ceilings, and a cute backyard for entertaining.

House #5 – This one we didnt see any photos of before hand, but when we went there we discovered it was manufactured home. No thanks!

It was exciting touring the homes. At the end of the day, we were thinking how good of a deal the Tustin road house was. We wanted to go back and take a look at it futher, so we emailed Mike and plan to meet him there tomorrow at 3pm to see if we would be interested in putting a bid in the house.

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