Butters’ Bedtime Routine

Butters' Bedtime Routine

Now I can’t tell time, but i know that the time for bed is coming when Mister turns off the big black glowing alien box and goes to the garage for a cup of water. He always comes and finds me, where ever i may be, and picks me up to carry me upstairs to the bedroom. I hop out of his hands onto the bed, and go straight for my purple water cup on the end table. Then most of the time i run away all the way back downstairs.

Lady takes a shower while i find a cuddle spot usually on my downstairs perch, on the futon, or on an office chair. When she is done washing up, she comes downstairs, pets me gently, then picks me up and says “Thats a good kitty” while she carries me back up the stairs.

Sometimes i lick some more water if i feel parched from the past few minutes of “activity”, or if i’m feeling good i go straight for the closet. This is the perfect cranny for me to hide out while the owners go to sleep. Once i know they have fallen asleep, i’ll creep out and hop to the edge of Mister’s feet and sleep there.

As the night progresses i like to get closer and closer the Lady and Mister’s heads until i eventually end up on their pillow. Sometimes i get so comfy, that i wake up and find myself wedged between the Mister and Lady that my head is underneath an armpit. But i don’t move because i know they love me.

Until the alarm clock goes off, i keep to myself. But one it does go off, its mission “ON” for getting fed!

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