Cool Rocks, Yeah!

Jeff and Rocks

The main draw to Pinnacles is the cool rock formations and caves. This was once the site of an old volcano. May-July is when the bats that live in the caves “hibernate” so all but 1 of the caves were closed. We went on a hike that was supposed to lead us to a reservoir but we somehow got lost halfway through and made a loop back to the start of the hike before we saw any sort of body of water. Must have been distracted by the rock climbers along the way.

Begin Hike!Mini Cave Walk through

We did get to pass through a mini-cave tunnel. That was exciting.
Prepping LunchMy Sandwich
Earlier in the day i had packed some lunch, so after our hike we stopped at some picnic tables and enjoyed our turkey and cheddar sandwiches.

Tree Log DianePinnacles Campground Sign

There was a big log that had fallen across a dry stream bed that i wanted to take a self-portrait on, but i couldn’t figure out the self-timer on my camera and also the logistics of running from the camera to the log without hurting myself. So there’s just a photo of me! On our way back to the campsite i took a photo of the sign for Pinnacles Campground.

Tree by Our Camp + JeffLot 70

Back at our campsite we lounged around – read some magazines and books, snacked, and took a long nap. I hung out mostly in the tent even though it was really hot in there.

Jeff Cooking DinnerGarlic Bread Bag

For dinner we planned on making some vegetable pasta with sausages and marinara sauce. Since we had snacked on Cheez-Its we were not starving so decided on just the sausages, some veggies, and garlic bread with dipping sauce!

Jeff is SadMMMmm Good

Jeff was sad in this picture because our garlic bread wasn’t heating up fast enough and all the rest of our food was getting cold waiting!

Duraflame Fire

SMORE TIME! S’more, smores yep yep! So yummy. Though we had kept the chocolate in the cooler during the day since we were afraid it would melt, and that proved to be a little too cold of a temperature for the roasted marshmallow to melt properly. We still managed to scarf down two smores each though.

Smores getting Toasty

Our campfire had a nice grill rack over it, perfect for keeping our smores nice and toasty.

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