Camping at the Pinnacles

Putting up Tent

This year we planned ahead and booked a campsite early so we could have a reserved spot for the summer. We decided to stay at Pinnacles Campground after Carrie and Roger suggested it to us. Renee and Wayne had bought us a tent for our wedding anniversary, and this was our first time using it. Jeff pretty much set up the tent all on his own. I did most all the packing of the stuff before hand – food, equipment, supplies, entertainment, etc. While unloading the care we saw a big beetle scurrying away.

Ew Bug!Jeff Makin Dogs

We got to the campsite pretty late – around 7:30pm i believe. We barely had enough daylight to set up camp and cook dinner. Our plans were to have hot dogs and beans.

Roast itDiane

Of course, there is no camping without smores! While we were sitting by the fire, a racoon came up to our picnic table to see if it could snatch any food but we didn’t have any. Jeff got up to shoo it away but he just stood there until he told it the scram. Even though they are “pests” i wished i could have gotten a picture of him.

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