Condor Peaks Trail

We Made IT!

On our last day camping we decided to do one more hike – the Condor Peaks Hike. It’s a moderate hike that is incline up all the way! I had fun hoofing it up there but Jeff had not as much fun. 😉 We made it to the top in one piece though, and enjoyed the views. A nice couple that were there ahead of us were kind enough to snap a photo of us.

Jeff Contemplating LifeDiane on Rocks

On the way up we stopped to take a breather and snap some cool photos by this huge rock!

Sky TrailsSandwiches for Lunch

Jeff and I both love the way this photo turned out of the plane trails. After our hike we stopped by another picnic site and had sandwiches again. Then we drove home – about an 1 1/2 drive.


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