On my morning drive to work, i was sitting at a stop light, drinking some Vitamin Water 10, when all of a sudden i hear wheels screeching and then feel my car lurch forward and water go all over my clothes, all over my face (up my nose on my glasses), and all over my car! I sit there in a shock from my surprise mini-bath and think “Oh, Sh*t”. I pull off to the side of the road and see this truck with a trailer attached behind me…great. I get out of the car and assess the damage, and luckily my bumper still looks like a bumper and there are only two small vertical indentations from where his license plate slammed into my car. The guy was apologetic and said he was looking down for a phone number and didn’t stop in time. He offered his information but i said i didn’t need it. My car now has more character! Yah! I think i was actually more shocked because i got drenched with vitamin water. The lines are barely visible unless you go up really close to it and look at a certain angle.

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