Children’s Miracle Network 5k

Childrens Miracle Network Charity Run

Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital’s puts on an annual charity run to benefit Children’s Miracle Network. Carrie reminded me a couple weeks ago that it was coming up and I decided to sign up since 1) its in Salinas — easy; and 2) I did this run in 2006 as my first ever 5k and thought it’d be the perfect one to choose to do it again 3 years later! I haven’t been running at all, so i set my goal for this year to finish earlier than my previous time of 35:23. Today I ended up with a running the 5k in 29:58. Woo hoo! I placed 4th in my age division (25-29) which was just out of reach for getting a medal. My 2006 run I actually placed 3rd and got a bronze medal! But medals really don’t mean much to me — i was most impressed with my short running time. So much so that I want to see if i can 1up myself and am already signed up for another 5k on June 6th!

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