Butters’ Guide to Obtaining Liquids

Butters' Guide to Obtaining Liquids

*Note: Don’t waste time with the Mister, he doesn’t eat breakfast. Follow the Lady of the house and she will take care of you.

Step 1) When you hear the clanging of cereal hitting the bowl, you are in for a morning treat! Lady is eating her morning cereal complete with cold creamy milk. Even though you’ve just been fed your kitty grain, there will be leftover liquid that must be consumed by YOU (not the drain)! Continue to stuff your face with as many mouthfuls of your pebbles as you possibly can before she sits down to eat.

Step 2) Find a spot close by to her so you can stare while she eats her cereal. Don’t hesitate to jump directly on the table. This is actually most effective as it is the most annoying. Best is when she is on the computer because then you can stomp and her keypad and block her view of the monitor.

Step 3) When you hear a clang of the spoon hitting the bowl, that means she’s almost done eating the yucky cereal and the milk will almost be yours! Start meowing at a constant speed of 1 meow per second.

Step 4) She will put the bowl down next to you and you are free to induldge! Lady owner is very nice and will not almost always remember to leave milk for you.

Step 5) Drink up! You are the master of the world.

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