Stamp Out Hunger

Stamp Out Hunger

Today is the US Postal Service’s Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. It was the perfect opportunity to clean out my cabinet.

Cap’n Crunch had to go because i’m cutting out sugary cereals on my “30 Days No Desserts or Sugar Diet”.

Elbow macaronis because i have 3 boxes of these?! And we’re trying to buy all whole wheat/whole grain pastas, bread and rice from now on.

Tuna because i accidentally bought another 8-pack from Costco when we still had a bunch in the cupboard.

Angel hair pasta because i dont really like super thin pasta to begin with, and again, we are trying to eat whole grain now.

Safeway’s fat free refried beans had to go because this is more a “paste” than refried beans. They taste ok but consistency was gross. Disappointing because usually generic canned goods are not THAT BAD compared to name brand.

Sobe lean actually didn’t get donated because i read the postcard in detail after taking this photo and realized they dont accept glass… but i wanted to give it away because i bought the regular version instead of diet by mistake.

I also gave some Miltons Crackers that i had a container of since i bought a bunch from Costco.

I really like the this food drive — i get to clean my cupboard and donate food to hungry families. It is win-win for everyone….and even the postman gets an extra workout!

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