Condor Classic

Condor Classic Bicycles

Today we volunteered at the 1st annual Condor Classic Bicycle Ride in San Benito County. The race started off at San Juan Oaks Golf Club. Jeff and I were stationed at a pit stop at this historical county park. We didn’t have the time to really explore the park further, but from what we gathered, it was named this because they displayed a bunch of really old farming equipment.

Condor Classic Pit StopCondor Classic Pit Stop

This pit stop was for 40 mile, 100K, and 100 mile rides. We served up some sandwiches, fruit, Gatorade, Fiji water, Nutrigrain bars, crackers, cookies, and pretzels.

Condor ClassicCondor Classic

The park entrance was lacking adequate signage to notify the riders of the pit stop, so Jeff’s main job was to yell and motion to the riders that this was where it was.

FlyCondor Classic

There was this really annoying fly hanging out around the guard rail. He was not afraid of me taking a macro shot of him. Little pest!

I helped out too – mostly out by the curb with Jeff serving as assistant cheerleader, but I also floated around, helping distribute snacks and tell the riders where the restrooms were.

Condor Classic

This is a view from the street into the park area. I like the cliff. This shot was taken by Jeff!

At the end of the day, there was a BBQ lunch at San Juan Oaks. The last time Jeff and I were there, it was our wedding night – nearly months ago now! Brought back some good memories.

We had a nice time volunteering for the ride. Hopefully next year, Jeff and I will be able to participate as riders!

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I’m happy you folks volunteered for the ride. I love to do these rides, and did a ride here along the Indian River Lagoon on Sunday. It was a 45 mile ride for Breast Cancer Awareness. I’m doing the Space Coast Intercoastal on the 26th, a metric century, hey, I can still call it a century can’t I?
Get a good bike and start riding, you’ll be glad you did.

Mike  |  Oct 14, 2008 at 7:37 pm

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