Project 365 – Day 4 – Silent Auction

The Bridge Silent Auction Dinner

What is wrong with this picture?

OK – first, you’d probably say, why the hell is there cheesecake next to rolls? –Correct.

Second, you’d probably ask why there is no one sitting at these seats. –Correct.

Third… yes there is a third. The table number is UGLY! This is such a no-no when you are seating a graphic designer at your table. How hard is it to create a nice table number??? Boring Times New Roman in black on plain white letter paper? Come on. And then make it 10x worse, by not even cutting it evenly??? I just don’t get it. You can’t stick that on a nice table, for everyone to stare at through the whole night. Make something NICER.

So, anyway, the atrocity above is from the Pinnacle Bank table at “The Bridge” Silent Auction Dinner. Sadly, the bank could only fill half of the seats at the table they sponsored. I guess no one was interested in a free dinner! But we were! We did have to sit through a few prayers and weird preaches about “God shutting doors that no man can open.” (I still don’t understand what that means!) But the food was pretty good.

The auction items were kinda lame. It ranged from the typical acrylic paintings to the more unusual “16 hours of carpentry work”. There were jewelry pieces, meals, and tons of gift baskets with needless junk.

So, we didn’t bid on anything. We left when the minister started to claim he was the Richard Simmons of the Church and made us get up and dance to YMCA.

All in all, a good night i guess?

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